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Title I Reading

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Read Write Think. This is an amazing website

Let's go visit Times Square

2nd and 3rd graders!!! Come take a virtual field trip with me. Shared to me by Mr. McCarty. Let's go to Times Square.

Virtual field trip and quiz

Please take the quiz and send your answers to my email at holly.keller@southern.k12.oh.us.

For the Week of May 18-May 22


2nd and 3rd graders this week we are going to work on reading.


I would like for you to select a book that you have at home to read. For this assignment it's always fun to choose a fairy tale, but any short story will work.

After you read the story think about what the beginning, middle and end was about.

Your assignment this week is to act out the story or just your favorite scene from the book.

Write a script to help  you remember your lines. 

Gather props if you happen to have any.

Switch roles-to explore how different characters react to the same events. Ex. A child who might be playing The Big Bad Wolf will have to think about what's on the Wolf's devious mind. Then by switching to Little Red Riding Hood he or she will see how her thoughts and feelings  are altogether different.


Have fun and remember to share! holly.keller@southern.k12.oh.us



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