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5A - shadow4032  5B - yew2376  5C - smog5018

6A - sheath3285   6B - subtract 3877  6C - castle9320

Both 5th and 6th grade check out the new assignment on Brain Pop 4/24/2020

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330-679-2301 Ext 4090

I can be reached between 8:00am to 4:00pmEST

6A - 5j56ryx

6B - a2uhdta

6C - n7i5mmo

Check out your Classroom for two New assignments 4/24/2020

Covid 19 Activities

STEM Activities

Take pictures of the following STEM activities and email them to me.

Life Science Videos

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Video Player

Watch the Video's above then open Google Classroom and complete the worksheets

5th Grade Science