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2019-2020 Leader of the Month

September:  Hailey Maines

October:  Aiden Possage

November: Alyssa Rodgers

December: Dane Farnsworth

January:  Nathan Desellem

February:  Sophie Cain




Challenge Activities- optional
Contact Information
Dana Patterson
Reading Assignments
Open up activities to see instructions.  Complete on separate paper.  Take pictures and send to me.

Casting Call- For this activity, I want you to choose any novel that we read in class or any novel of your choice.  You will then pretend that you are making that novel into a movie.  What real life actor would play each character?  etc.

 Create a Venn diagram to compare and contrast Annemarie and Ellen from Number the Stars- example Venn diagram included.- Sorry, the Venn diagram will not open.  You are just supposed to draw one on paper anyway.

Study Island
I have added 2 Inference quizzes and one Cause and effect quiz.  Please complete them.
COVID-19 Activities
The following links  are fun and creative activities that I need completed for my reading assignments.  Most of the activities are YouTube videos from Shannon Anderson.   She is an award winning children's book author and teacher.  I took a class from her while I was at the gifted conference.   Originally, these activities were not mandatory, but rather than add a bunch of worksheets or other similar types of activities, I decided to use these as my reading assignments to get through this time.  They are quick and easy activities.  All are mandatory with the exception of the Dragon and the Escape Rooms.  They are just for fun.  I apologize for the confusion that this has caused.  I just wanted the students to be able to do activities that would be stress free.