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Grade 5 Social Studies

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Grade 5 will study the native people of the  Americas and the migration of Europeans as well as Asians to this land.  We will learn about governments and economics; covering the Ohio State Standards for Grade 5.

Grade 6 Social Studies

Course Description: 

Grade 6 will study the sociology of ancient history to the 21st Century, including economics and governments; covering the Ohio State Standards for Grade 6.

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Welcome back to school! I know this will be an great 2020-2021 academic year!!!

The Heritage Project has been assigned officially!!It is due Nov 19th. a hard copy has been given to the face to face students as well as an email to ALL students. Remote students may submit via pictures in an e-mail, drop the project off at school, or do Google Slides.


Remote learners must stay up to date will assignments as they are posted each week.

Thank you