Nature Study to help save the Hellbender Salamander

The Columbiana County ESC secured a grant through the Ohio EPA to introduce STEM projects into the schools. Southern Local’s juniors and fifth-graders and Crestview are participating in a problem-based learning activity with the county Soil and Water Conservation District, SilverApple Inc. and the county Education Service Center.

Students will be doing activities that consider the impact of healthy water on the amphibian, which is an endangered species native to Northeast Ohio. Students will take a field trip to the Beaver Creek State Park to record data and later present their findings on the importance of healthy water as well as potential challenges and solutions.

Students will present their findings at a year-end celebration of learning on May 18.

Beaver Creek State Park

Beaver Creek State Park

Water flow and speed
Water flow and speed of flow
Water flow and speed of flow
One of the projects students completed was mapping the water flow of the school’s ground. After mapping the school grounds and hypothetically determining the direction the water would flow, students tested their theories in the rain. They determined what was happening to the area from the speed of the water flow.
taking the water temperature of the pond
Lavayiah Crooms and Emma Jones taking the temperature of the pond.
on the opposite of the pond preforming the tests
James Burris, Adalyn Reeves, Caden Dougherty, Emerson Gotschall across the pond running the tests.
test run in multiple places in the pond
Lavayiah Crooms and Emma Jones taking the temperature of the pond near the foot bridge.
students located another section of the pond to test
Delaney Beadnell, Alexa Paczesny, David Prendergast, Brandon Leek, Adelaide Patterson, and Aubrey Potts taking the ponds temperature.
Groups within groups tested close to land and deeper in the water
Gracie Lee, Dulaney Beadnell, Adelaide Patterson, and Airianna Adams collaborating. 
The cold water didn’t deter some students from completing the tests
Brandon Leek and David Prendergast taking the temperature of the pond
high school student work with fifth graders
Bobby Westover, Braxton Sloan, Alexandra McElroy and Rhiannon Holliday work on studying the pond's water quality. 
Students work with their adult supervisor to complete the test
Jack Pelley, Christian Pearson, Liam Marshall, Landen Mettenberger, and Mrs. Brenda McCulley study one of the ponds at Beaver Creek State Park
recording their data is important
Christian Pearson, Liam Marshall, Landen Mettenberger, Jack Pelley, and Mrs. Brenda McCulley record their findings
The students also tested the Beaver Creek
Dylan Birheimer, Daniel Barker, Micah Adams, and Aiden Davis 
testing the creek's water quality
Emma Johnson and Jonah Beadle testing sample.
in another section of the creek
Madeline Garner, Rya Reynolds and Shiloh Heines at the Beaver Creek
Running the tests
Ava Phillips, Bryce Spooner, Jada Gottschling, Jeffrey Fluharty testing another section of the Beaver Creek.
recording their results of the creek's water
Mason Sosack, Jaiden Palmer and Bryce Foster conducting test on the Beaver Creek
Junior Bryce Foster and Mrs. Coleman
Bryce Foster and Mrs.Coleman